Hunters all over the Country rely on Cirrus® to help them determine the slightest wind or thermals. ​Cirrus brings a multi functional tool to the pack, LEDs allow users to detect the wind and thermals in total darkness. Red Led for stealth, White to be used in total darkness or as a flashlight. ​Power Bank charger is built in to give you an emergency charge on your cell phone or portable electronics.

​Whether you are elk hunting or chase coyotes, the wind and thermals can be your best friend or enemy. With Cirrus® on your side, you can take advantage of wind currents you never knew existed. ​With unbelievable battery life and cartridges that last over 1000 puffs, the Cirrus® Wind Indicator was designed to be a hunting tool that won’t let you down. ​Completely travel compliant, this wind indicator does things that the others cant and last a very long time. Powders, floaters and even other vapor like products do not hold a candle to the Cirrus® Wind Indicator.


K-9 Handlers rely on Cirrus® to bring their dogs in from the right wind direction. Indoors and outdoors, Cirrus® can set your dog up for success faster and a much more tactical approach to any situation.

Police K-9 Magazine TOP EDITORS PICK says:
Cirrus® Wind Indicator has changed the wind detection market for the first time in decades. The patent pending design allows the user to puff a vapor-like cloud in the air and detect the slightest wind or thermal currents. Excellent for K-9 man trailing/tracking and when doing scent detection with canines.



Who better to need or understand wind currents and thermals than the HVAC techs and installation companies. HVAC professionals have discovered Cirrus® Wind Indicators and they are replacing the traditional smoke pens and large bulky smoke machines used for decades.

“The durable and long lasting Cirrus® Wind Indicator delivers what seems like a never ending supply of battery and vapor to detect currents in closed systems, vents, positive and negative rooms not to mention we use it for ventilation of refrigeration systems.” – B. MacDowell


Stop throwing grass in the air. Let the Cirrus® Wind Indicator show you exactly what is going on with the slightest breeze.

With unbelievable battery life and cartridges that last over 1000 puffs, the Cirrus® Wind Indicator was designed to be a golf training aid or on-course tool that won’t let you down.

Finally a wind indicator that works for any level of play.